Do You Vu? (doyouvu) wrote,
Do You Vu?

Week 54

March 26th - April 1st

Ginny and Fred talk about how George is doing, and what measures Fred is taking to make sure George is as alright as he can be.

Meeting the First: Speaking of Fred and George, George has his first Ministry meeting, and, you know, I'm sure you can subtlety pay some kid to give Gumboil a little nudge when he stands too close to a box of pranks, owners of the shop...

Arthur owls Draco, and he seems to be extending some kind of olive branch, though apparently Draco isn't sure what to make of the act.






Pansy goes to a bar...: Pansy finds herself an unwilling participant in a bit of bar-hopping, though she meets up with someone quite unexpected through her experience.


viva_la_vu Alert: A fic that gives us a bit of back story for one of our favourite couples!

Title: Leave.
Author(s): tra_cey_davis and uniquemiscreant
Summary: It is the night Hogwarts closes, and the two Slytherins have no place to go. Three years ahead, why can't Theo and Tracey look at each other anymore? The question is answered.


Tracey and Theo unexpectedly meet again for the first time in three years, and though things are a bit awkward, I applaud them for how well things have gone. I mean, sometimes meeting up with an ex can lead to shouted words, nasty hexes, and unnecessary injury to the sweet older lady with the parakeet who was just out buying gardening supplies. Er, or so I've heard...

Remus and Neville have a talk about certain recent events concerning the two of them, and while I'm quite happy with the conclusion, I do have to say that maybe a little breakfast beforehand would have made the entire situation that much sweeter. Especially if they had waffles.

We also see a return of two of our beloved members to the Network, and though Hannah gives us an update on what's been going on with her life, Terry seems to be in a bit of a rush.


Hermione owls Pansy about the recent security breech at Pansy's estate, and I think Pansy and Hermione are very good at formalities. About as good as Harry is at breaking the rules, apparently. Only not quite.

Dennis and Owen spend a bit of time being the in-puppy-love teenagers they are, and spend a bit of time in a certain room that I'm sure we all remember fondly for some reason or other. Of course, with a little help from the alone time and alcohol certain revelations come to light.


Fred enlists Ginny's help in relation to his and George’s birthday, though for some reason, Mandy seems a little worried.
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