Do You Vu? (doyouvu) wrote,
Do You Vu?

Week 53

March 19th - March 25th

The New Vu!

Pansy sends Draco an owl congratulating him about the end of his trials, as they went as well as possible. She also includes an article that she thinks he might find interesting, concerning the reopening of the Vu Network. While Draco is less than impressed by the article, they still manage to talk about Pansy's coddling and Draco's emotional health.

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Who Really Needs To Leave: Ron comes over to Harry’s flat, and won’t leave. Apparently. But, I mean, you have to give Ron props for being absolutely smashed and yet still retaining his genius when it comes to chess.


Dennis is the first of the old crew to come back to the Network! And he has a new beau. ;) Who he proceeds to flirt with, the naughty boy! Well, boys, I suppose, as little Owen isn't exactly backing away. I wonder if they talk dirty in the dorm bedroom...

And Neville is a Professor! Good for you, Neville! I wish you the best of luck! Especially as I know hormonal pre-teens and teenagers are the root of all evil. But I guess no one warned you about that, you poor dear.

Fred sends out owls to choice members of the Weasley clan, informing everyone that George's release date is coming up, and though Arthur and Molly don't seem particularly understanding, they show their love and support for their son. Ron, however, needs quite a bit of convincing to not be, well, quite so Ron for a bit, though Ginny exhibits more understanding.

Ginny receives another owl today, only this one is from a recently released Vincent Crabbe. After this little exchange, I do have to say that I'm curious as to what exactly happened between them earlier in the war.


Lavender is the second member to come back to The Vu, and she has some rather fabulous news that simply calls for a celebration! I'm so there, Lavender. ;) And is it just me, or does it seem as though Lavender is stuck in the middle of something?


Fred found a Nevpewter! And, fortunately, his eyebrows grew back. Ah, nostalgia. Also, Ginny and Fred talk about their father's new position in the Ministry and how he seems to be... adjusting.

Anthony owls Padma to let her know that he has decided it's time to move out of his father's house! Congratulations on this rather large step in the stairway of life, Ant! And, I swear to you I won't tell Morag, but I think we all know she has... ways.


Family Before Duty: Fred, Arthur, Molly, and Ginny have an emotional reunion with George. Who should probably bathe before they decide to have dinner. Just a thought. :)

Ginny sends out three owls; one to Ron, one to Harry, and one to Mr. Draco Malfoy. While the exchange of owls between Ginny and Harry see them both getting a bit testy, the one with Draco is short and to the point. Well, even if I'm not sure if we know what they're talking about, exactly.

In another exchange of letters, we see that Morag has, indeed, found out that Anthony is changing living quarters. I told you she has her ways, Ant, and, no, I'm not sure if she's entirely human, but I rather think that's not something I'd like to look into further.


Mandy gives us a bit of an update on how she has been the past three years, and she expresses her worry that Fred's flat might be a bit of a disaster zone messy. It also appears that she has been keeping the books for Fred and George's shop! And, yeah, Fred, just listen to the lady; I’m quite sure she knows what she's doing.

In news concerning the other Weasley twin, we see George owl Draco (yes, you read that correctly), and apparently the two of them came up with some sort of arrangement between themselves. Why, I think they could even be called friends! If you use the term in a more unconventional manner. I mean, Draco already has a nickname for George! How sweet!

Harry Potter and the Tiny Blond One: Harry goes over to Pansy's Manor, intent on asking her a few questions concerning Draco's current situation in life. 'Lo and behold, he finds the Tiny Blond One himself, and they have a long overdue (in my opinion) talk.


In Which Pansy Hosts Queer Eye For The Bi Guy: I think people could hear Pansy cackling in glee for miles around on this fateful day; the day when Pansy took Harry shopping for new clothes.

In Which Ginny Has Drinks With An Ex-Death Eater: Ginny and Vincent have their get together and try to catch up with each other, though things get a bit more interesting when Vince's cupcakes are mentioned. ;)

The Pub, The Snow, and The Kiss: Remus helps Neville recover from his first day teaching, though the results of this take something of an interesting turn. It also begs the question of just how many Professors need Madame Pomfrey's 'remedy' on, let's just say, a monthly basis.

A Reunion of Snakes: Pansy and Draco have an unexpected visitor, and the Firewhiskey comes out. Just watch out for the soot, guys; that stuff gets everywhere.
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