Do You Vu? (doyouvu) wrote,
Do You Vu?

Week 55

April 2nd - April 8th

Su and Morag seem to be experiencing some tension over Morag's little brother, and things sort of explode into an argument that eventually led to threats of moving out! Though, um, what's this about orgies?


A Most Inconvenient Encounter: Millicent is out with the intent of doing something nice for her best friends, but while she's out, she runs into someone from her past. A rather prominent someone from her past.


Pushed into motion...: George returns to his shop (and Fred) after his surprise encounter with Millicent, and though Fred is a bit bemused, George seems to have some kind of purpose in mind, if his owl to Draco is any indication.

Mandy lays down the law (well... sort of ) for Su, though I'm not sure if she's trying to threaten her or seduce her. ;) However, Ginny seems disturbed by something Mandy said, though I have absolutely no idea by what.

In other slightly related news, Su owls Anthony to bring him up to speed on things with her and Morag.


Owen is having some trouble finding one of his books for class, and Dennis sends out a flurry of owls to assorted loved ones.

A post from Ginny about Dennis and a certain activity that she thinks he's indulging in inspires a heartfelt (and later on lustful) conversation between Dennis and Owen.


Arthur wants to get the family together for a big Weasley family dinner (and, yes, that includes all friends and significant others), and Ginny and Luna exchange owls, wherein Ginny invites Luna to the big shebang. They also proceed to talk about birds, because that's just how conversation rolls when Luna's around.

Much More Than Kisses: Dennis and Owen go about their first time, and, please, can I just get a collective ‘Awwwwwwwww!!’ from the crowd?




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