Do You Vu? (doyouvu) wrote,
Do You Vu?

Week 52

March 5th - March 11th

It seems as though the task of naming her yet-to-be-born baby brother has fallen to Morag, and something tells me that little Fife Steafan and Su won't be getting along very well...

Fred and George currently have a new product out on the market, appropriately called Knicker Twisters! In the following conversations, Mandy has to reassure Fred that even if she doesn't necessarily approve of the product, that doesn’t mean that she disapproves of him, and Millie and George discuss something rather important. And, George, stick with the tactic that you're using; always agree with the woman.

And then Draco, in his Slytherin curiosity, asks a very valid question, but no one really seems to be focused on the question, just the reason why he asked it in the first place. And Fred and George ask Harry to come down to their shop during the upcoming Hogsmeade weekend, and we only hope he gets out of their without being horribly maimed by one of the twin's pranks.


Draco does a bit of whinging venting about Greg and Vince's low intelligence and it appears that he and Vincent will have to duel Harry and Ron tomorrow. How fun! Sonotfunsonotfunsonotfun.


So do you remember the aforementioned duel (see above)? Yeah... apparently it didn't end very well for Draco and Harry, if Lavender's account of what happened is any indication. But, I mean, was there really too much expectation for things to go well?




What era of music did Neville discover to be soothing to plants? Come on, guess. ;)



LONDON -- Not but mere hours ago news arose of the mass break out of ten prisoners from the once inescapable walls of Azkaban. The first and only person up until tonight to accomplish this task is the still undiscovered Sirius Black. Whether or not he helped in the tonight's debacle has yet to be addressed.

The ministry has released no word yet on how the prisoners were able to escape or about where they have escaped to. We here at the Daily Prophet have only been given the names of the escapees and ask the public to not approach these convicts if you are happen to come upon one of them. If you possess any information about the whereabouts of the following, please contact the Ministry immediately:

Irving Crabbe, Antonin Dolohov, Cary Jugson, Rabastan Lestrange, Rodolphus Lestrange, Walden Macnair, Lucius Malfoy, Frye Mulciber, Xavier Nott, and Augustus Rookwood.

Once more news reaches the ears of the Daily Prophet we will be sure to give it to you first.

Lavender makes a panicked post, asking if everyone got back from Hogsmeade okay! Apparently there was an attack by the Death Eaters, and there are quite a few students missing. Tracey is the first to respond to Lavender, where they vent their worries, and Tracey seems rather anxious about finding Theo. The feeling is obviously mutual, as Theo expresses his agitation over not knowing where Tracey is. However, they manage to find their way back to each other despite the chaos, using the Vu.

Dennis, Neville, and Hannah all comment to let Lavender know that they're okay, and to share what news they can, which isn't anything, really. However, through all of the tension and havoc, we can always count on good ol' Mr. Weasley to be there with the breathing exercises. However, you'd think after coaching his wife through labour seven times he'd have a better technique to share...


Professor Pawson makes two announcements this day: He gives us an update on all students known to be missing, injured, and deceased, and he notifies us all that, due to certain circumstances, the Vu Network will be shut down for an undetermined amount of time.

Professor Snape lands another blow to the student population: Due to the recent attack on Hogsmeade and Professor Dumbledore's untimely death, Hogwarts will be temporarily closed down, until a new Headmaster or Headmistress is selected.

Hermione gives us as much of an update as she can as to what happened in Hogsmeade while the Vu Network is still up, though it all really comes down to one simple message: Never forget.
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